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McLaren Software and CTSpace - The first 100 Days

The Idox plc acquisition of CTSpace completed in December 2011 and the subsequent merger of CTSpace and McLaren is now in its final stages. So with roughly 100 days since the acquisition I thought now is an appropriate time to provide you with an update.

As a recap, Idox plc has built a very successful and profitable business providing information management solutions for the UK public sector. The decision to acquire McLaren was the first of many stages in the Idox future growth and diversification strategy. A year later Idox acquired CTSpace as the second stage establishing the Idox Engineering Information Division building on the 30% profitable growth enjoyed by McLaren.

This update is intended to provide an outline of the new McLaren, the new organization, product roadmap, enhanced market position and what to expect in the near to midterm future.

McLaren Software

Whenever two businesses come together it is normal to choose one of the existing company names or decide on a new one. The new / merged organization will operate under the McLaren Software brand as will our products in the future. The new McLaren website is now live and you will see the changes as we bring together the best of what were two former competitors.

With the combination of McLaren and CTSpace (under the McLaren brand) we have an unrivaled global team of experts with tremendous industry knowledge and experience specializing in engineering document management, control and collaboration solutions.

McLaren Software - Support for the Asset Lifecycle

McLaren - uniquely supporting all asset lifecycle with stages with Cloud / Hosted or On-Premise implementation options.

McLaren provide solutions to support all asset lifecycle stages from design to decommissioning.  With a modular solution approach a customer can start where the business challenge is today and add support as requirements change.  

McLaren are uniquely able to offer an appropriate balance of Cloud, Hosted and On Premise options to meet individual business requirements, budget, location, regulation or simply preference.  Cloud solutions offer some great benefits but are not suited to all customers in all circumstances.

McLaren Enterprise (enterprise scale) solutions are now available either Hosted or On-Premise with the added flexibility of extending project collaboration to the Cloud with McLaren Collaboration Workspace.

McLaren FusionLive is already one of the leading Cloud based construction project collaboration and document management solutions used by AEC companies , EPC Contractors and Owner Operators to support entire or remote projects quickly with little or no IT involvement.

The Cloud addition to the McLaren portfolio is supported from data centers in the USA, UK and UAE but more importantly provides more options and greater resilience to McLaren as leading player in the market.

The New McLaren under New Management

We have appointed the Senior Management Team, merged our sales, professional services, customer services and product management teams, cross skilling where necessary, appointed a VP for the growing Asia Pacific region and opened new offices in London, Paris, San Francisco and Frankfurt.

Product Roadmap

Our product management and software development teams are busy finalizing the product roadmaps for the immediate, near and long term which we will be sharing at the McLaren Customer Advisory board Roadshow - see below.

I would like to take this opportunity to confirm that we will continue to support all the McLaren and CTSpace products as used by all our customers today with the same support login details and contact numbers.

McLaren Customer Advisory Board

As I know from speaking with many of you during the past couple of months, receiving information on product plans and roadmaps is very important for both existing and future investments. Many of you are also interested to provide input and feedback on these plans and I would like to invite all existing and potential McLaren and CTSpace customers to a series of regional Customer Advisory Board (CAB) meetings.

More information, roadmap details and demonstrations will be made available at the Customer Advisory Board Roadshow including future developments and how we are taking the best of Enterprise Engineer, Fusion Enterprise and Collaboration Workspace to create our next generation McLaren Enterprise product.

Up and coming McLaren FusionLive developments offer new opportunities to support project collaboration across companies, countries and languages.

The CAB meetings will take place from the start of June covering North America, Europe and Asia Pacific. Please let me know by replying to this email or by clicking here if you are interested joining the McLaren CAB and / or  attending any of these events. Full details of venues and dates will be made available just as soon as the logistics have been finalized.

This is very exciting time for our employees, customers and partners as McLaren is now established as the leader in Engineering Document Management, Control and Collaboration market.

If you would like more information on any of the topics in this email please visit our website at, or call your account manager, local office or simply ask a question by clicking here.

Thank you, as ever, for your existing and future business.

Paul Muir (CEO McLaren Software)

McLaren Software – Quick Facts:

McLaren Software Fully Owned subsidiary and the Engineering Information Division of Idox plc

Employees 135

Revenue $25m+

Users / Customers 200,000 users supporting over 15,000 projects and operational assets in 56 countries

Solutions Engineering Document Management, Control and Collaboration Solutions available in the Cloud, Hosted or On-Premise

Hosted and On-Premise includes support for ECM Platforms including McLaren CS, EMC – Documentum, IBM - FileNet P8 and Microsoft - SharePoint (Collaboration)

  • UK - London, Glasgow
  • USA – San Francisco, Houston
  • France – Paris
  • Germany – Frankfurt
  • Australia – Establishing New Office

Development Centres UK, India, USA, Belarus

Geographies Served Global

Industries Served Asset Intensive Industries including: Oil & Gas, Energy & Utilities (including Nuclear Generation), Manufacturing, Life Sciences / Healthcare, Construction / AEC and Natural Resources

Technology Partners EMC (Documentum), IBM (IBM FileNet P8), Microsoft (Various including SharePoint), Oracle, Adlib Software and Informative Graphics

More on McLaren Products, People, Places and Partners


All McLaren and CTSpace products continue to be supported by McLaren Software through all current channels of phone, web, email and in person.

We will be phasing in “McLaren” as part of the product branding. Where the words “Sword” or “CTSpace” were used they will, as you might expect, be replaced by McLaren either immediately or at a point release in the future.

Previous  Product Names New Product Names

Sword FusionLive McLaren FusionLive


Collaboration Workspace
Enterprise Engineer
Fusion Enterprise for FileNet P8
Fusion Enterprise
McLaren DocLoader
Sword CADTop

McLaren Enterprise Products

McLaren Collaboration Workspace
McLaren Enterprise
    ''              "
    ''              "
McLaren DocLoader
McLaren CADTop

Support and Maintenance Products:

  • Cimage
  • Paragon
  • ProjectNet
  • NovaManage

More information, roadmap details and demonstrations will be made available at the Customer Advisory Board meeting including future developments and how we are taking the best of Enterprise Engineer and Fusion Enterprise to create our next generation McLaren Enterprise product.

Up and coming McLaren FusionLive developments offer new opportunities to support project collaboration across companies, countries and languages.


The new McLaren Management team has been appointed reflecting the most experienced industry and management professionals from both McLaren and CTSpace. It is also a global team with personnel based in North America, Europe and Asia Pacific regions.

  • Paul Muir – CEO (USA)
  • Philip Woodrow – IDOX Group VP R&D (UK)
  • Tim Taylor – Chief Marketing Officer (UK)
  • Kuljit Bawa – VP Global Sales (UK)
  • Tim Fleet – VP Business Development (USA)
  • James Berry – VP Professional Services (USA)
  • Michael Cawsey – VP and GM Asia Pacific (Australia)
  • Andy Seaman – VP Sales Americas (USA)
  • Philippe Michardiere – Director, Southern Europe (France)
  • Mark Goodwin – Director Product Architecture (UK)

The McLaren Professional Services team has been unified under James Berry providing consultancy, implementation, support and training for all McLaren Products.

Kuljit Bawa also has unified the global sales and pre-sales team headed by Alicia Doyle.

Mark Goodwin takes charge of product architecture and management supported by Andre Gunter.


We have already opened new offices in San Francisco and Frankfurt Germany with more planned for Paris and Australia to expand our geographical presence. Please visit our website for more details.

The McLaren data centers in the USA, UK and UAE have been upgraded to support existing cloud based solutions and are now capable of hosting individual McLaren Enterprise installations.

The McLaren Development centers have been expanded in the UK, USA, India and Russia which together with Idox Group resources give McLaren the agility and capability to add new functionality and support new technology faster that at anytime in McLarens' history.

Partners - Technology

All McLaren and CTSpace partnerships are being combined under McLaren Software including those with Autodesk, Bentley Systems, EMC, IBM, Microsoft, IGC and Oracle to ensure McLaren products take advantage of the latest partner technologies and platform certifications.

Enterprise Engineer has been “EMC Certified” for the 7th consecutive year making it the most consistent under the current program.

Partners - Solutions

The McLaren solution partner channel continues to grow providing local supply and support for McLaren Enterprise products.  We are planning to introduce new certification programs in the coming months to ensure knowledge and quality are continually improved as the levels of interest in partnering with McLaren increases.

For more information on any topic covered in this update please Contact Us by clicking here.

McLaren Software